Cross Country Skiing!

26 11 2012

At my last physio appointment, I was not only cleared, but encouraged to go cross country skiing.  I have been skiing for a few years and usually get out only half a dozen times or so throughout the winter.  It is a leisurely activity for me and I like to mix conversation and friends with a great winter workout!  I only do classic skiing and I’m not very good at it.  Usually I fall lots or have many near-misses.  But I enjoy it.  It is a great way to get out and enjoy the winter weather and get some fresh air. 

I honestly thought that this year I would not be able to ski at all, so when I cautiously asked my PT last week, I was pleasantly alarmed and surprised when he encouraged me to go!  It is a great workout and I always find that it works my hip flexors and glutes, which is exactly what I am working on with my physio exercises. 

So far, I’ve been out twice: Friday night and this afternoon.  I totally forgot how much I love skiing!  It is so quiet and serene out there and it just helps me put life into perspective.  I am so lucky to have the ability to do this activity and to enjoy the great outdoors!  Friday night was quite beautiful… skiing under the moon and stars in the crisp, cool evening with headlamps.  Great coversation also helps the time go while skiing!  I loved it!!!  I’m planning to try and get out at least once every weekend I am off (during the daylight) and one evening a week for the next month or so. I know that once tri training increases, skiing will decrease, but for now, I can easily fit it in. 🙂 

So incredibly happy right now from fresh air, time with friends, good conversation and exercise endorphins! 🙂  And best of all, no knee/leg pain! 🙂




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