HBBC Week 2 Update

3 12 2012

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge Week 2!

Monday – A.M.: 2 mile run, 40 min strength/core, 10 min stretch (5 points)
P.M.: 40 min walk with dog (2.5 points)
FV (1 point)
FB (1 bonus point)

Tuesday -P.M.: 40 min ski + 40 min PT exercises (4.5)
FV (1 point)
FB (1 bonus point)

Wednesday – P.M. 1 hour of Yoga (3 points)
FV (1 point)
FB (1 bonus point)

Thursday – A.M. 30 min snow shoveling (1.5 points)
FB (1 point)

Friday – A.M. 10 min bike, 20 min Physio exercises (1.5)
P.M. 10 min stretch (0.5)

Saturday – no exercise 😦
FV (1 point)
FB (1 point)

Sunday – no exercise 😦
FB (1 point)

So far,
HBBC Points = 22.5
HBBC Bonus Points = 6

It’s been a tough week. Had some leg/knee pain (went to Physio and all is good though, just part of the process).

Our dog has also been having emergency medical issues and that has been stressful and time consuming. So not sleeping well, not eating well (skipping meals, not eating enough, eating crap food) and in general super emotional. This next week may not be much better in the emotional department, but hopefully the eating will be better and that I can fit in more workouts.




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