Weekly Workouts

13 01 2013

HBBC is over, but I thought, why not continue to post weekly workouts?  It’s fun to share and it’s also good for me to reflect back on the week to see what I could improve on or to answer the question of why I feel sore or injured (hopefully won’t have to worry about the injured part!!!).

Sunday – 30 min on bike trainer, most easy spin + 30 min physio exercises (9 am)
– 35 min cross country ski (I was super tired) (3 pm)
– 10ish min of foam rolling because my right quad an IT band were feeling very tight (I don’t count foam rolling as exercise, but thought I should include it here for my own reflection. (evening)

Monday – 35 min run (5km) outside!!!  ( felt great!) (9 am)
– 1 hour of strength training/physio exercises/core + 15 min stretching (9:40 am)
– Had a massage in the afternoon as well for tightness between my shoulder blades

Tuesday – Rest day (didn’t sleep great so I slept in, then didn’t get home until 8 pm so I was too tired)

Wednesday – 30 min bike + 30 min physio exercises (6 am)
– 15 min Xbox Dance Centrale 2 (6 pm)
– Skipped yoga in the evening because I was so so very tired.
– foam rolled my tight quad/calf/IT band because it was super super sore.

Thursday – 30 min run (4.1 km) + 30 min strength training/physio/core + 10 min stretch (6 am)
– 10 min walk (noon)

Friday – 20 min swim (800m) evening (I really didn’t want to go but made myself and enjoyed it! It was my first swim in 5 weeks so I committed to doing only 20 mins)
(Quad feeling tight, taped it with KT tape)

Saturday – 36 min run outside (just over 5 km!) + 50 min strength/physio/core + 15 min stretch (10:30 am)
(Quad feeling much better today but definitely stretched it out good at the end of the workout. A few little niggles in the knee, but nothing serious. I had a splitting headache after finishing the workout…. not sure what was up with that!)




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